Brother, a long story and innovative technologies!
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Created in 1908 by the Yasui brothers, in the Land of the Rising Sun, Brother is one of the most important manufacturers worldwide, under its own brand, of items related to Sewing and Embroidery.
Its reknown technological skills allow the design of efficient, innovative and user-friendly products in line with the expectations of occasional or passionate users to express their creative impulses.

The best thing that has happened…before the invention of scissors. 

Brother continues its investments and has thus merged technologies from its Divisions and presents at Creation Paris, besides its Sewing & Embroidery range, an innovative concept: ScanNCut.

ScanNCut is a product for cutting and tracing. It cuts and traces on a large variety of material: paper, cardboard, fabric, adhesive film…Nothing scares it!
A huge success since its release, in September 2013, on the US market.

Scrapbooking, Sewing, Quilting, Patchwork, Paper/Cardboard or Artistic activities, the product offers endless creative possibilities and a real revolution for the Creative Hobbies market.


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