Kamoi Kakoshi

Kamoi Kakoshi is a Japanese family company, specialized since a century in the manufacturing of ribbons of masking for professional painters.

In 2006, the company puts its know-how at the service of hobby crafts fans and develops an ornamental ribbon made of rice paper: “mt” the true masking tape was born!

Its unique ” washi ” texture allows you to stick and unstick endlessly the masking tape mt on all supports, without damaging them. KAMOI KAKOSHI now offers an unequalled range of more than 400 masking tapes of varied colors and patterns, available in numerous widths.


The distribution in France of the company KAMOI KAKOSHI changes for 2014: OZ INTERNATIONAL takes back from March 1st, 2014 the distribution of the whole catalog MT Masking Tape, which will be presented at CreationParis, including the very last collection 2014.