Ibor Déco

Ibordeco, we specialise in creative arts.

You will find various wooden and polyresin mounts in our online shop, which have all been made with the greatest care, to allow you to decorate them easily using some simple techniques and inexpensive materials (acrylic paints and varnish,decoupage…).

-We have a large variety of lamps in different sizes and styles (classic, modern etc…)
-Our wooden frames are decorated with different motifs in resin (flowers, small bows…) The frames can also be painted in the same style as the motifs (with acrylic paints, oil…) ; trumeaux,tables, headboards, bedside tables, small chairs, footstools…

Polyresin is a material which is decorative and can be perfect for making your frames unique; you can buy it calved into many designs including bows and angels, for example. This material is ideal for this purpose; if you were to carve such designs out of wood each one would have to be calved out individually which would be extremely expensive.
Once the polyresin objects have been decorated it is hard to tell the difference between them and those that were calved


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