La Fourmi

The story of La Fourmi starts more than 30 years ago, in 1978,
when Kathleen Cooper, a woman with a passion for the creative arts and crafts, opened a little crafts shop in the heart of Brussels.  This little shop, brimming with creativity, very quickly became an exclusive address that grew over time into one of the best renowned wholesaler in Europe.

La Fourmi represents today more than 12,000 stock items in scrapbooking, decorating materials, paintings, sculpture, felt, customisation, jewelry fittings … and much more.

Our dynamic team is constantly seeking out new innovative products, creative, always in line with the latest trends, of good quality and affordable prices.

Mid-2013, La Fourmi was taken over by two French entrepreneurs, Patrick Masurel and Jean-Charles Kermené already active in the craftsfield (Ceradel brands in France, Bramwell Crafts and Potterycrafts in England). Their ambition is to make of La Fourmi, the most French of Belgian companies!